I know, I know some of you probably had or still have an image of Germany as a grey, rainy and industrialised place, but hey there are lots of great things about living here as well and today we’d like to share 20 things you will definitely love about Germany!!! Of course, these 20 things do not come just out of the blue, but they are popular answers from the people we have interviewed so far. Let us know if we have missed something and stay tuned. We’ll get back to you with “20 things you will dislike in Germany”.

20 things you will love in Germany

1. Things are in order

2. Germans are reliable and punctual

3. Germans know how to appreciate work-life balance

4. Dog culture

5. The living standards….you don’t need as much connections or Vitamin B, as Germans put it, as in other countries

6. There is a lot of trust between people

The longer I stay in Germany, the more naive I become, the more I trust people.

7. Cheap cars

8. Rest on Sundays

9. It’s clean and safe and fair…

10. Emphasis on simple living

What I love the very most about Germany is the emphasis on simple living; not living outside your means, stores closed on Sundays, family values, recreational activities, smaller living spaces and products – buy and use what you need.

11. Good-looking men….. any doubts here?

12. People have a positive attitude…at least in Cologne!

13. Immense civility

14. Respect for the society

15. How “green” Germany is!

16. The way Germans dress…or?

I was surprised at how practical they are here with their fashion…

17. Germany is relatively cheap

18. Germans are polite and diplomatic

19. Efficiency in everything

There is efficiency in everything and everywhere: from a bank to a post office, at the city hall, on the streets…. If you need a document or a piece of information, you are most likely to get an answer within a day or two.

20. How multicoolty it is!!!!

More to add? Feel free to comment or drop us a line!

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