Last month Giovanni’s post “20 Italian habits I’ve lost when I moved to Germany” stirred some attention ;-), people seem to like the idea of lost habits and traditions….well, here are my two cents and the 15 habits a Russian in me lost when I moved to Germany ( “abroad” would be more appropriate).

  1. Drinking tea on every occasion…our national sport

If you are in Russia, you often confronted with an important choice: Tea or vodka? And the answer is both 😉 In Germany I have yet to be offered a cup of tea…


  1. Soup culture

Just like pasta for Italians, a typical Russian can’t survive a day without a soup….and of course, we spend countless hours to cook some soup that will last us a couple of days …or even a week!!! 😉

  1. No smiles …for no reason

We Russians are famous for our friendly attitude towards strangers 😉 We do not smile just like that…for no reason…. A smile must be earned.

  1. “With good steam!”

Congratulation on a light steam is a wishing commonly said to someone who has just left a hot bath or got out of shower. Last time I said it was more than 10 years ago…

  1. Watching over and over again old soviet movies…

Russians often and with great pleasure watch old movies and then recite jokes from them, imitating the tone and voice of the characters, no embarrassment involved 😉

  1. Vodka is the best remedy

Vodka is our best remedy in all times and against all illnesses 😉 Russians do not really trust drugs and prefer self-treatment with vodka…. And some tea, of course 😉


  1. Sitting down at the table for hours and hours

When Russians get together for dinner, they will sit down and eat and drink and talk. Then they will eat and drink and talk some more….. and more and so until the next day or more.

  1. Dress up on every occasion

When in Russia, whether you go grocery shopping, or walk your dog or even throw away the garbage don’t you dare to leave your house without high heels and mini skirt 😉 no questions asked, Russians just love to look good.

  1. The ritual of toasting

Any Russian drinking party usually includes a sequence of very long and complicated toasts about life 😉 Good luck with that in Germany!

  1. Celebrating the old New Year

What? Not again? 😉 Yes you read it right, if in Russia don’t forget to celebrate the old New Year according to the Orthodox calendar on the 13th of January each year.

  1. Superstitions

If you come back to your flat just after your left, don’t forget to look into the mirror. It’s for your own good! Do not ever shake hands through the door of your apartment, you have to come in, otherwise a quarrel is guaranteed. Before heading on a trip, don’t forget to sit down for a minute or two in silence… a symbol of good return! If a fork falls, a woman is going to pay you a visit, if a knife falls, a man will certainly pop by….

  1. Rinse pasta with cold water after cooking…

no comments needed 😉

  1. Pickling

It’s September, time for Pickling!!! It is our religion and every Russian family has its own special salting & pickling recipes for everything from cucumbers to water melon!!!! No time for this in Germany ;-(


  1. Calling all women “girls”

If you are woman of around 40 – 50 when in Russian don’t be surprised to be called a “devuchka” (girl – ed.). Women of almost all ages are often referred to as “girls” or ‘young ladies” 😉 Hey, what a nice country to live in girls?

  1. Eat all salads with mayonnaise

no comments needed!

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